Sunday, January 30, 2011

Better Days

It is a beautiful sunny winter day today, but with the alerts out already about an impending winter storm, I thought I'd post some pictures from late November.
It was an extremely blustery November day when we headed out with the kids to buy some window treatments. The store we headed to was west of our house and there is no really good way to bike there. I had Parker (ten years old) on my Xtracycle and Rob had our three year old in the Chariot trailer and our six year old on his Xtracycle. The ride over was super tough on my knees because of the added weight of my son and the crazy wind gusts. I blew out my knee as we arrived. So on the way home, Rob took everything...three kids plus loads of curtains and curtain rods. The wind was sort of in our favor on the way home, but still it was a haul. I love him!