Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cars Can Kill

A local teen was killed in car crash recently and two of his friends were injured. One car, high speed, collision with a tree...terrible, tragic. Avoidable? Probably.

I remember driving as teen. I had a great teacher, my father. He taught we all sorts of wonderful things about watching sidewalks, driving defensively, looking both ways even when crossing one-way streets, always expect the unexpected, look out for bikes and pedestrians, drive the speed limit, etc. All things I grew to understand and respect, but as a teen I pretty much ignored.

My boyfriend made me upset? Drama ensued with me racing off in my car. Out for fun with friends? More than a few nights of riding too fast down country roads or doing donuts in parking lots. Late for work? Speed limit be damned.

What made me really take driving or even being a passenger in a car seriously was a friend/co-worker of mine dying in car wreck with her young baby. One car, high speed collision with a stationary object. It happens. It doesn't have to.

Please, please, please drive safe. No girlfriend/boyfriend is worth putting your life or other in danger. Going to the hospital or morgue is not fun. Be late, it will be okay. Cars can kill, use them wisely.

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