Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dress for Car Free Success

What to wear, what to wear? It is that time of year in lovely C-U when the temps start to fall and so does the rain.

Yesterday I walked Josie to ballet for her comfort and mine. I stayed warmer and dryer walking with her in the Chariot trailer than if I'd hooked it up to my bike. I was completely comfortable in my Mountain Hard Wear jacket there and back in low to mid-40's temps and steady rain. I didn't even need gloves and walking/pushing Josie kept me almost too warm (I had a short sleeve shirt and thin hoodie underneath). Layers is the name of the game, I suppose. My only complaint is my shoes. The puddles were unavoidable on the walk home and I definitely day dreamed about rain boots by the time my cold toes were home since they didn't come into a nice warm house. We don't have the heat on and our sweet old home is in the 50's from now until next spring.

The bike ride to pick up Parker from school (need to cover same cycling to school soon) was not as pleasant. My Mountain Hard Wear jacket is not a good color for cycling in the dark gray rain and it was still quite soaked from my late morning walk. I grabbed my brighter colored old North Face jacket. It is really a bit to big for me. I bought it about 15 years ago on sale, but it is a men's small and really never fit right. I can bring the hood over my helmet a bit, which was nice. I'm thinking of getting a non-traditional helmet. They seem to have good coverage and be warmer. Anyway, Parker's helmet was soaked and both our seats were too by the time he was out at the bike rack. I need to remember to keep a towel in my Xtracycle for rainy days. I had fingerless cycling gloves on and my hands were cold. Parker had full cotton gloves and he was fine.  I need to find him some better fall/winter cycling gear. His Marmot coat is getting snug and really isn't waterproof. It has held up great to a lot of use and abuse for two years and will be handed down to Dema so no complaints.

I was checking out options online before Champaign Surplus has their sale this weekend. I am eyeing the Portland Jacket at Shower's Pass since it is on sale. Only smalls and XL left. I bought Rob a medium a while back and he loves it, but his is definitely too big for me. I wonder if a small will work and it really wouldn't be warm enough in winter.
 Rob wears his a lot, but usually just spring and fall (or ice skating). Is there such a thing as rain/winter cycling wear that I could use for all seasons? I also like Nau's Sussinct Trench, on sale, but can't tell if it will be warm enough and after a closer look it is actually out of stock. I was in Evanston a couple weekends ago and found a jacket I would love to have at Athleta, but I don't see it online and it wasn't a top layer for winter.

The one thing I am sure I'll be wearing from now until April is my Title Nine Pants. I bought them several years ago and the only thing I see on their website similar is this. I practically live in these pants in cooler weather. I never feel cold below the waist with these babies on, but be warned they are super warm and don't try to workout inside in them unless you want to pass out from heatstroke.

What are you wearing?