Saturday, July 2, 2011

Driving a Car is Big Responsibility, Don't Take it Lightly

To the woman in the SUV with plate REC 6, driving in downtown Urbana this morning. You might have been able to avoid the elderly man walking across the street near the UFL easier if you hadn't been texting and driving. You had a passenger, let them text, or pull over and text. Drive when you have the time and attention to drive. Thank you.

I have seen an unprecedented number of drivers in the last week not taking driving seriously. It is shocking. When you drive a car, you have an awesome responsibility. The car is a very heavy object, often being used at high can easily kill. Yes, there are cyclists and pedestrians who make poor choices, but usually those choices hurt them and not others. When my father taught me to drive, he paid special attention to those not in cars...they are not as predictable because they are dealing with debris in the street or they may be in the street or on sidewalks in places you would not expect a car. It is my responsibility as a driver to be aware of what is around me; cars, pedestrians, cyclists, a stray trash can, the neighbor's dog/cat, etc. It really just takes one text or other distraction to take your life or the life of someone else.

Please drive responsibly.