Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Bike to Work Day!

My husband started biking to work eight years ago (you would think he would have arrived by now...teehee) and has never looked back. He bikes through thunderstorms, hot humid weather, sub-zero temps, and ice/snow. No, he is not a postal worker. He biked to work when his commute was around 6.2 miles one way and now when it is only around 3.4 miles one way. It is not always fun or easy, but most of the time, he really enjoys it. One reason we moved to this area and then closer to downtown was to make our lives more bikeable.

Here is a nice local article on the reasons people give for not biking to work and how to get past them.

Happy Bike to Work Day, honey!

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  1. Hey folks, thanks for the link! Glad you enjoyed Todd's article.

    I do blogger profiles every couple weeks or so for Smile Politely and would like to write about you guys if you're interested. Drop me a line at if you are. Thanks!

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