Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stop, in the Name of the Law

Don't forget the new law about STOPPING for pedestrians in the crosswalk.  The new law is supposed to be more clear.  I guess yielding is too confusing for Illinois drivers.  How about we all try not to hit anyone with our death machines, even if the pedestrians or cyclists aren't in the crosswalk?  'Kay?  Lest I sound overly negative toward drivers of motor vehicles.  I chided my cycling husband about this very law less than 24 hours ago.  I just think if we ALL took driving a little more seriously, the roads would be safer and possibly more fun.  Yes, we've all had people walk or bike out in front of us without looking.  Yes, there are people who do silly, dangerous, reckless things, but most people are trying to be as safe as possible and even for the less than stellar peds/cyclists out there, who might need a little more common sense or don't use the best really sucks to hit them.  Let's all be careful out there.

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