Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday Meeting

Today's Goal: Meeting at WEFT (our local community radio station where I am on the Board of Directors). My sister is watching the kids for me so I don't want to take too long getting there and back.

Weather: Below 30 degrees F...probably around 26 at the time of the meeting. Patchy ice on the side roads and the sidewalks.

Travel Plans: WEFT is about 1.3 miles away. I could get to the station easy by bus, with only a short few block walk. I normally would ride my bike, but see weather. I don't feel like hitting patchy ice on my bike. I decide to walk since I'm not sure if the timing will work out with my sister arriving to watch the kids and the bus. It is the longest option, but I need the walk.

Savings from this Trip: Gas and money for the meter.

Time: Around 3 hours. 40 minutes was travel time.

Note: It was a nicer walk home than there (warmed up a couple degrees). I was pretty cold on the way there. I should have worn my warm gloves. It was icy enough on the sidewalks that I'm guessing I would have been better off biking it. This would have cut my travel time in half (at least). It was nice to walk though.

Other Travel: My husband rode his bike to and from work as usual for a total of approximately 40 minutes round trip and 7 miles.

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