Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Saturday is our normal weekly grocery run. During the spring, summer, and fall, we usually ride our bikes to the local farmer's market and buy produce then shop at the co-op and natural foods store. In the winter, it is less of a family event and quite often I send my husband off by himself or with our two older children to the store.

Today's Goal: Weekly grocery run. Four or five large reusable bags full of groceries.

Weather: High of 28 degree F, but is probably around 24 or lower when my husband left. The roads are icy and I suggested we shop on another day, but he is not one to be kept off his bike due to ice. If I was shopping with the kids, I would not have gone today.

Travel Plans: Common Ground Co-op is 3.3 miles from home. The bus which goes near our house does not run on weekends. My husband rode his Xtracycle with no studs or chains on the tires. The ice was just a thin sheet and no snow. He did fall once on the way to the store, but moved to more traveled roads and these streets have more car traffic, but less ice. He made a detour to stop at World Harvest on the way home is basically on his way home.

Savings from this Trip: There is free parking at both stores so savings would just be gas money.

Time: Around 2 hours with approximately 40 minutes of this time for travel.

Note: He remembered the dish washing detergent...yay!

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